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How often do I need an oil change?

You should have your oil changed every 5 000 kms

How do I know if I need an alignment done to my vehicle?

The best way to know if you need an alignment done to your vehicle is if you are driving and you feel like it is pulling to the right or to the left as well as if your wheels are straight but your steering wheel is not.

How do I know if I need new tires?

If the tires are losing tread and look bald, Scalping on the tires, or Wire bars a showing. If you think you may need to tires please call your mechanical center and get them to measure them for you.

How would I know if I need new brakes?

There are a couple different ways you can find out if you need new brakes, visually you can see if the metal is warned down as well as the rust showing, vibration on your pedal, if you are hearing any noises like a grinding or squeaking. If any of these occur you should call your mechanical center and they can do a brake check for you.

Do I have to replace my rotors when I replace my brake pads?

When you replace your brake pads It is recommend that you also replace your rotors as well because if not you will get a material transfer which can will cause a squeaking noise as well as shaking within 6 months.

Does putting extra air in the tires help a car cope with carrying extra weight?

Definitely. When tires are cold, add five pounds to the pressures recommended by your car's manufacturer. But don't overload the car because excessive loads and sharp impacts can cause tire cord breaks and create damaging heat buildup because of abnormal sidewall flexing

Should you turn your car off when stopped for extended periods?

A car engine shouldn't be left idling unnecessarily for more than a minute. It takes less fuel to start a car than it takes to let it idle while waiting, say, for a long freight train to pass.

How do you clean a dirty battery terminal?

After disconnecting both terminal cables, use a baking soda paste--three parts baking soda and one part water--to clean corrosion built-up from battery terminals without the need for a wire brush. The slightly alkaline paste neutralizes corrosion. After reconnecting the clamps to the terminals, wipe them with petroleum jelly to help prevent future corrosion. Be careful when working around a battery because it contains a strong acid.

What should I do if the alternator light comes on?

An activated alternator or battery light means more electricity is being used than is being replaced. The good news is with this mechanic frequently asked question—it's probably not fatal—just massively inconvenient. The rule is to keep driving until you reach a service station. Turn off as many electricity-draining accessories as you safely can. The hardest thing the electrical system has to do is start the car, so don't turn the engine off unless it's absolutely necessary.

Warning! If the temperature light comes on at the same time the alternator light is on (or simply by itself), stop the car as soon as you can. The same belt that drives the alternator often drives the water pump. If the water pump stops working, it won't be long before the engine overheats and its internal parts melt. The result will be major damage and expensive repairs.
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